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Access DIGIT tool is an Open Demo Instance designed to provide you with first-hand experience of the DIGIT platform. Navigate the DIGIT platform, explore its various features, workflows and applications.
How To Access DIGIT

Access DIGIT in Citizen Role

  • ​Click here to access DIGIT as Citizen.
  • Provide a mobile number for OTP verification. Make sure you provide a mobile number other than the one shared in the request form to generate demo credentials.
  • Select City as City B for all transactions

Access DIGIT in Employee Role

  • ​Click here to access DIGIT in an employee role.
  • Use the credentials to log in as an employee. (If you do not have the credentials, visit this page to generate your role-based credentials).
  • Select City as City B.
Demo Scripts
We have added user assistance docs below to help you learn more about DIGIT modules and the use-case scenarios supported by each.


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Demo Request

Click on the page link below
to request a walkthrough of the DIGIT platform and specific applications.
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