Key themes and deliverables

Yearly Roadmap

Commitment and transparency are deeply ingrained values defining our product development approach. We are constantly developing new capabilities to facilitate the digital transformation of our cities. Take a glimpse into our DIGIT Urban Mission Roadmap to learn more about our upcoming tools and features.

Identify high-impact research and product innovation areas through validation, understanding the domain, and processes involved

Explore our urban roadmap detailed view below.

Threads3-year Outcome1-year Outcome1-year Output

Building Shared Narrative

Positioning eGov as Urban Tech Policy Thought Leader

1. Positioning eGov as Urban Tech Policy Thought Leader

1. 2 Min Video on NUDM-UPYOG 2. OpEd with NIUA Director 3. DPG Conclave 4. Conduct 2 Webinars 5. Conduct hackathon in partnership with NIUA 6. Publish 30 Page NUDM Storybook 7. Publish Case Study on Odisha 8. Case Study/Research Article on NUDM

Design and Build DPGs

52 Solutions on DIGIT Urban by Partners

2. 52 Solutions on DIGIT Urban by Partners

1. Extend DIGIT Academy to NUDM partners 2. Conduct NUDM Workshop for NUDM Partners

Design and Build DPGs

52 Solutions on DIGIT Urban by Partners

3. Platform Maintenance

1. DIGIT 2.9 Release 2. Upgrade UPYOG with DIGIT 2.9 3. Resolve all Platform Bugs 4. Critical Technical Debts

Catalysing Scale and Adoption

UPYOG Live Pan India

4. UPYOG Live in 15 States

1.Support 6 states for sharing data with National Dashboard 2. Support 2 States for statewide launch of atleast one module of UPYOG 3.Support 4 other states are under implementation/integration with

Catalysing Scale and Adoption

5 Countries Adopt DIGIT Urban

5. 1 Global Exemplars

1. 1 Country goes Live with DIGIT-Urban 2. 1 more Global Exemplar implementation Initiated 3. 10+ partners engaged in Urban Domain

Catalysing Scale and Adoption

70% of Transactions on DIGIT

6. 70% of transaction on DIGIT

1. Publish Adoption Framework Document 2. Data-based Advisory to Punjab 3. NUDM adopts Adoption Framework and releases guideline to track adoption 4. Punjab Urban Monitoring 5. Punjab Urban Evaluation 6. Publish Adoption Numbers on Quarterly Basis from Odisha, Punjab and UKD(no. of ULBs, Modules and transactions)

Sustaining and Institutionalisation


7. Funding

Sustaining and Institutionalisation

Handing Over Tech Support in Exemplar States

8. Institutionalise all exemplar accounts

1. Funding raised for next 3 years 2. Complete Tech Support Handover in Punjab 3. Complete Tech Support Handover in UKD

Sustaining and Institutionalisation

Making NUDM and States Self-Sustainable

9. Making NUDM and States Self-Sustainable

1. Complete Handover of Tech Support to NIUA 2. Post-MoU Engagement Plan for NUDM

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